Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hotel Review: Sofitel Philippine Plaza

Almost Perfect,  But...
By Cherry Moriones Doromal
(Review Posted on Trip Advisor with Immediate Response from Sofitel )

I had many chances visiting Sofitel for dining, recreation, special occasions and bonding moments, and yesterday's visit, particularly at Le Bar wasn't quite impressive (though not really bad at all). The reason was that we were seated next to the counter where most of the staff at the time converged and were exasperatingly discussing internal issues. Though I did not intentionally listen to their issues whatsoever, it was unlikely to experience such at anytime in a supposed 5-star hotel, where "class" or "refinement" is mandatory at all times. Also, the quality of ingredients in "Make Your Own Sandwich" wasn't excellent in terms of presentation; hence, not very appetizing at all. 

Moreover, I wonder why my table wasn't properly set that I had to ask for my own placemat and utensils when the food was served. We also had to ask for water (without prior offer) since we obviously ordered sweets. It was off-peak, by the way. No need to mention that we expect to get more even if we pay more whenever we prefer 5-star hotel and fine dining restaurants over other restos.

This is, of course, not to lambaste a respected institution. It is just an honest observation from a blogger-diner, along with a friendly reminder that even ordinary restaurants should know the rudimentary needs, table setting and courtesy for dining. On a positive note, the manager and the chef were trying to be helpful to orient us with our food choices.

In addition, the washroom along the hallway going to Sunset Pavillon was filthy. My sons said the men's washroom smelled bad as well.

Update: Sofitel responded via Trip Advisor through its manager as follows:

Sofitel-Philippines, Manager at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, responded to this review 
Feb 8, 2017
Dear Cherry D,

Bonjour Mabuhay!

We appreciate that you took the time in sharing your feedback on your recent stay with us. It is always our aim to exert every effort by providing top-notch service and well-appointed products to ensure that our guest’s expectations are met, if not, exceeded.

On the other hand, we regret that this was not the case, based on your review. Your comments about the quality of ingredients in “Make Your Own Sandwich” will be address immediately and to make necessary improvement on our daily operations to better help us determine where we stand in terms of guest satisfaction.

It is a delight to know that you appreciate the service rendered to you by our ambassador and chef at Le Bar. We hope that you will give us another opportunity to show to you what the Sofitel brand is known for. 

Resto Review: Peri Peri

Hearty Take Out Lunch from Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken
By: Cherry Moriones Doromal
(Review posted on my Trip Advisor Account as well)

As I always emphasize in my reviews, quality of food and service are top priorities for me in rating a restaurant. These were excellently met by Peri Peri upon my recent visit. I wasn't there to dine in. I was in a Grab and stopped by to buy to-go coffee and pastries from Starbucks which is located beside Peri Peri. 

As I passed by the store, the seemingly cowboy staff greeted me good morning with genuine smile on his face. That gesture alone prompted me to order a variety of to-go lunch sets for my family of four. Next, I saw another staff in cowboy costume coming in straight to the kitchen carrying with him some fresh ingredients.

From Starbucks, I went back to Peri Peri to claim my orders but I had to wait a little bit more to allow enough cooking time. That's understandable.

I appreciate it a lot how the resto staff was kind enough to escort me to the car (Grab). The food sets were neatly packed and reached home in awesome quality. As expected of Peri Peri, the sidings were good and the different samples of their sauces (as they're known for) were included in my "take out" box.

Miss U 2016 Party at Okada Manila

So this date with my better half in Cove Manila  with all these beauties concludes my monthlong birthday bash 2017...

In this vid (as far as I can recall): Miss Philippines Maxine Medina, Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere, Miss Gloria Diaz,Ms Korea, Miss USA, Miss Netherlands, Miss Nicaragua, Miss Stella Marquez- Araneta, Mr. Jorge Araneta, Vice Mayor Rico Golez, Paranaque, Miss Argentina, Miss Indonesia

The Official Miss Universe After-Party Feat, Okada Manila

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Oil Splatter Burn Treatment


Though I'm a legitimate chef in my own rights, I  accept the fact that I have no inherent talent in frying! Hahah!  

One time, while frying chicken wings, the  extremely hot cooking oil splattered out of the pan hitting my right arm. Ouch!

What I did was to immediately pour cold water on the affected parts of my arm and applied beaten egg white on it. I remember having read an article saying that egg white is a natural collagen. But, please,  I'm just sharing, okay? Don't take it as gospel truth. I'm not really sure if it's just a myth, because I noticed that applying egg white didn't even give me any sensible relief at all. Anyway, to continue my story, I also applied extra virgin coconut oil days after to moisturize my skin. Plus, the classic sebo de macho, which is traditionally used by families here in the Philippines to treat scar.


Now, for purposes of this blog and for everyone's information,the right first aid  for oil splatter burn should be to run cool water over the burn for at least 15 minutes or until such time that the oil burn cools down. It is not advisable to put ice on your burn because chances are, you may damage the burn tissue. If you have burn cream, apply it on the affected areas. Therefore, may I also suggest that we keep burn cream in our homes. Finally, to prevent irritation and infection,cover the burn injury loosely (not too tight) with a clean gauze.


Days after and the pain from your oil splatter burn is gone, the next issue would be how to get rid of the oil splatter marks.

With our tropical climate here in the Philippines, it was so inconvenient for me to wear long sleeves all the time, just  to hide the marks. That's why, in my case, it was such a big deal that I had to make a research and used every remedy available for a week or so. In the end,disappointingly, the annoying  burn marks were still there.

Thank goodness that I remembered my friend Dr. Grin V Serenio-Tojino of Centre for Aesthetic Surgery and Vein Care.
Right away I messaged her and sought for her help. She then gave me a balm which she formulated herself and applied it on my marks for several days. I barely noticed the healing and realized one day that my skin tone got back to normal, without a trace of scar. This is how it looks like as I write this blog today:
No scar or oil splatter mark after applying Dr. Grin Sereno Tojino's  balm

Dr. Grin Serenio-Tojino is a cosmetic surgeon and aesthetic dermatologist applying all beautifying treatments. Her husband Dr. Larry Tojino, on the other hand, is a Phlebologist, treating venous diseases and treating vein abnormalities such as varicose veins, spider veins, hemorrhoids, bulging hand and arm veins with non-surgical procedures.

Their office CENTRE FOR AESTHETIC SURGERY AND VEIN CARE is at Suite D2 Medical Plaza Makati, Amorsolo St. Corner Dela Rosa St., Legaspi Village, Makati City, Philippines. Mobile Number: 09285209125.

Among their services are the following:

Autologous Stem Cell Treatment
PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Treatment for Joint pains esp. Knees
Hair rejuvenation and growth enhancement

Eyebag removal
Non-surgical facelift (Thread lifting, Ultra V lift)
Surgical facelift
Chin Augmentation
Cleft Chin creation
Dimple creation
Breast augmentation
Breast reduction
Liposuction surgery
Fat transplant
Fillers injection (Juvederm)
Advanced Botox treatment (facial sculpting)
Buttocks augmentation
Varicose vein treatment
Non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment

For my friends reading this article, you may also message me through this blog or through any of my social media sites should you need my endorsement to Dr. Grin.

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